Monday, May 28, 2012

Nailpolish trends I just can't get on

Trends come and go; they are made to push us into trying something new each season. But no matter how popular some trends are, sometimes I find myself keeping a conservative stance - that's what happened with those described below.

I'm not too conservative, especially when it comes to color. I've worn blues of all kinds, greenest green, yellow, neon pink, from lightest to darkest grey, gold, matted glitters. Okay, I'm not the most adventurous nail painter either :) But please, make the things below go away.

1. Crackle polish


I get it, this is more than just a fad since it's been going on for a couple years. Black, then colored then glittery. Something doesn't look right to me. I like to have my nails done as neatly as possible. Maybe because I dress casually and not everything on me is picture perfect, I want my nails to be that way. Crackle would just add a sort of careless touch which I don't care for. Sort of reminds me of polish worn for 4-5 days which is split into fine pieces still holding together, preparing to chip at the corners.

2. Crackle polish topped with shiny topcoat

Just no. Crackle is supposed to look messy! Disorderly! Why neat it up nicely? It's like adding a nice coat of paint to a cracked wall. Or a layer of lacquer to a naked old brick wall (why??). If there MUST be crackle out there, matte is the only way to go. Call me crazy, then :)

3. Magnetic polish
This is something I imagine would have fascinated me when I was ten. Wow, look at how shapes magically appear. I'll admit it may be a neat trick, but still it looks like something a of a kid's toy (hold up a magnet against it, ta daa). Like crackle polish, it makes up a naive design that doesn't look very pretty. The colors are always something like black and red, or green and darker green, it all looks washed up, grayish, mixed up... Nah, no thanks.

4. Glow in the dark polish
Maybe for halloween - maybe. This one also strikes me as a kid's item. I remember having pogs with different characters, and an overlay of a different drawing that would glow in the dark.

That's about it. For now.

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