Friday, February 10, 2012

Hello beauty world

Hi everyone!

Sa incepi un blog de beauty in 2012 e ca si cum pierzi startul la cursa de 100 m cu 2 secunde. Si totusi...

Blogul asta a aparut dintr-o atractie tot mai mare fata de cosmetice. Sunt multe bloguri frumoase pe netul larg si ma simt ca o frunzulita tanara intr-un copac stufos.

O sa scriu despre cosmeticele basic, de zi cu zi, si de obsesia relativ noua si crescanda fata de oja. N-o sa postez despre produse scumpe pentru ca nu sunt genul. Ideea e sa citesc blogul peste mult timp si sa-mi amintesc de produse care nu mai sunt pe piata.

Sunt romanca si muncesc pe salarii romanesti, deci imi plac chestiile bune si rezonabile ca pret.

Sa-i dam drumul.

[Inca nu m-am hotarat care va fi limba blogului si probabil imi va fi lene sa le scriu bilingv./ I haven't decided yet which language to use here and I'm too lazy to play the bilingual card.]

Starting a beauty-ish blog in 2012 is like missing the start to 100m dash by 2 seconds. Nevertheless...

This here blog started from the growing attraction to beauty and care products. There are a lot of beautiful pages out there and I feel like a new leaf in a big tree.

I'll write about daily basics I try and my pet obsession - nail polish. Very little to no fancy stuff because I'm just not that kind of girl. My goal is to look back some considerable time from now and remember about stuff that's not longer out there.

I'm Romanian working on Romanian wages, and I love qualitative, affordable products (hey, who doesn't?)

Here's to keeping this alive :) 

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